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What's the Best DVC Resort for Sleep Around Points (SAPs)?

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a magical thing, when you're a member (depending on resale limitations) you're able to invest in points that can either be used to secure accommodations at your home resort eleven months in advance, or at other qualifying resorts seven months in advance. There are, however, restrictions on resale contracts for newer resorts like Disney's Riviera Resort and the Villas at Disneyland Hotel. If you invest in a membership at one of these resorts through the resale market then you'll only be able to use your DVC points at that resort.

If you purchase a direct contract through DVC, or a resale contract at one of the original fourteen resorts, then you'll be able to use your DVC points are many different resorts. Which leads many down the path of looking into DVC Sleep Around Points (SAPs).

What Exactly are Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Sleep Around Points?

In essence, Sleep Around Points are Disney Vacation Club points that someone purchases with the intent of not using those points at their home resorts. Sort of crazy right? And, almost exactly the points of investing in a DVC contract, since your home resort is where you have the advantageous eleven month booking window. But, if you're flexible, then there are certainly advantages to having a DVC membership for the sole purpose of using those points as Sleep Around Points.

You might be wondering though, if you're giving up the eleven month booking advantage by investing in a DVC contract for SAPs, then what's the benefit of Sleep Around Points? The basic answer is that SAPs can often save a member money, by allowing you to invest in a lower cost per point resort, then using those Sleep Around Points to stay at a more expensive DVC resort.

The DVC Sleep Around Points Dream

For example, in an almost perfect scenario one might imagine buying a 100 point contract at Disney's Saratoga Springs in Disney World for under $100 per point, then consistently being able to use those points at Grand Californian Hotel & Spa in Disneyland, where the cost per point on the resale market is around $300 per point.

Now, that example is literally too perfect to be true. There's a reason Grand Californian points sell for a premium on the resale market: It's because there aren't many DVC rooms at Grand Californian and the resort is very, very in-demand. But, if you're flexible and literally don't care what dates or room type you might get at Grand Californian, or - even better - if you're flexible about the resort you stay at, then Sleep Around Points might be right for you.

The Ideal Resort for Sleep Around DVC Points

Saratoga Springs - Let's start with the most popular SAP property among DVC members, Disney's Saratoga Springs resort. The cost per point, both via resale and direct, is among the lowest, and the annual dues are also low. Contracts at Saratoga Springs expire in 2054, so a significant amount of time, but not necessarily your lengthiest SAP contract option.

Vero Beach - If you buy resale, then Vero Beach is one of the cheapest ways to become a Disney Vacation Club member. Some contracts at this resort have gone for as low as $50 per point in recent months (according to early 2023 sales reports). However, the annual dues at Vero Beach are high. Very high. Like almost double some other DVC resorts.

Aulani - Although the annual dues at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa are on the higher side, they are less than Vero Beach. And although the cost per point at Aulani is higher than Vero Beach, Aulani points also rent for significantly higher than many other properties. Especially during holidays. Therefore, if you want a DVC contract that you won't be using for home resort stays you could consider Aulani and rent out the points you don't use as SAPs for cash to fund other travels.

Animal Kingdom - Whether you're staying at Jambo House or Kidani Village, Disney's Animal Kingdom is an iconic property. It's also one of the most reasonably priced Disney World DVC properties, which is why it's also a favorite for Sleep Around Points among DVC members.

The Best Sleep Around Points Option Will Depend on Your Family's Needs

Like I mentioned before, flexibility is always going to be key when it comes to using DVC points as Sleep Around Points. However, the best resort for SAPs is going to depend on your unique circumstance and family's needs. Maybe you're located on the West Coast and might want to consider Aulani, or maybe you've been Disney World annual pass holders for who knows how long and Saratoga Springs is your best bet. Which ever option you choose, just keep in mind that any DVC contract is a significant investment so be sure to do your research and ample amounts of homework before making any final decision.

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