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What are "Sleep Around Points" in the World of Disney Vacation Club?

If you're a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member, or are looking into becoming a member either through a direct contract purchase or by investing in a DVC resale contract, then you've probably realized, or are realizing, that there are a lot of inns and outs in the world of DVC. With lots of tips, tricks, and best practices for making the most of your DVC points.

One of the terms you might have seen in DVC forums or Facebook groups is "Sleep Around Points," or SAPs for short. But when people throw those insider terms around in posts and comments, they don't often explain what those phrases actually mean. So, what exactly are Disney Vacation Club Sleep Around Points? Allow me to explain.

In Essence, DVC Sleep Around Points Are Points One Buys With No Intention of Using Them at Their Home Resort

Disney Vacation Club is a basically points-based timeshare program. When you invest in a contract you do so at what's called your Home Resort. This is the property when you physically own a small percent of real estate in, and are able to book accommodations at the eleven-month window. However, you can also use those points at other qualifying DVC resorts at the seven-month window, depending on availability.

For example, if you have 150 DVC points at Aulani, you could use them to book a room eleven months at at your Home Resort - Aulani. Or, you could wait until seven months ahead of a planned vacation and use your points for a stay at a qualifying resort like the Grand Californian, or Disney's BoardWalk hotel.

Because of the varying prices of DVC points at different resorts, some members chose to purchase contracts for the sole purpose of using those points as Sleep Around Points. Meaning, they acquire a contract at a lower cost-per-point, with the goal of only using those points to stay at pricier resorts.

Referring to my example above - contracts at Aulani sell for less, both if purchased direct or via the resale market, for less per point than the Grand Californian and BoardWalk. Therefore, if you bought an Aulani DVC contract with the intention to use those points at Grand Californian or BoardWalk, then those DVC points would be considered Sleep Around Points (SAPs).

Flexibility is Key if You Want to Get and Use Sleep Around Points at DVC Resorts

When making a reservation at one's Home Resort at the eleven-month window, you tend to have quite a bit of selection when it comes to room types, available dates, etc. However, at the seven-month window that can be much more limited. Especially at popular resorts, like Grand Californian which only has a few dozen DVC rooms.

So, if you want to get points to use as SAPs, then you'll need to be very, very flexible. You'll need to be proactive in searching inventory, and be willing to book less coveted rooms, which typically include larger two-bedroom units, and premium view accommodations, which require more points to reserve.

The Ideal Disney Vacation Club Resorts for Sleep Around Points

Most will tell you that Disney's Saratoga Springs is a reliable choice for Sleep Around Points. Yes, Aulani might cost less per point, and certainly Vero Beach is going to cost even less per point, however both of those resorts of have much higher annual dues. Which might not be a deal breaker if you aren't planning to only use your DVC contract for Sleep Around points, and do in fact want to occasionally make the most of the eleven-month window at your home resort.

Going back to Aulani, let's say you live on the West Coast and want to spend the winter holiday break at Aulani every few years (a very, very popular time), but intend to use your post for most years as Sleep Around points at Disney World and Disneyland during non peak travel times. In that case, Aulani might be the best choice for you and your family.

Be Warned About DVC Resale Restrictions with Sleep Around Points

The best advice is always to pick a Disney Vacation Club home resort where you want to stay. However, if you are planning to use your contract for Sleep Around Points then you need to be aware of resale restrictions. As only direct DVC contracts can be used for reservations at all current, and future resorts. Contracts bought from the resale market for the original fourteen DVC resorts can only be used at those original resorts, and resale points from new resorts (like Riviera and the Villas at Disneyland Hotel) can only be used at their home resorts. This could absolutely impact your ability to use your points as Sleep Around points, especially if you invest in a Riviera resale contract, as those points can only be used at Riviera.

Do you have a Disney Vacation Club contract that you use only, or primarily for Sleep Around Points? If so, let us know in the comments what tips you'd offer for anyone else looking to learn more about Sleep Around Points and the benefits of being a DVC member.

Main photo credit: Trip Advisor

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