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How Long Does it Take to Buy a Resale DVC Contract, From Start to Finish?

Are you dreaming of becoming a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member and embarking on a lifetime of unforgettable Disney vacations? Buying a DVC resale contract can be an excellent way to join this magical community and enjoy the perks and benefits of DVC ownership, at a much lower cost. But it can take significantly longer than buying direct. Let's review the process of purchasing a DVC resale contract, including the steps involved and the expected timeframes for each stage.

Step 1: Research and Identify Your Preferred DVC Resort(s) and Use Year

Duration: This stage typically takes several weeks to a few months, depending on your diligence and decision-making process.

  • Research various DVC resorts, their amenities, and location preferences.

  • Determine your desired Use Year (the month your points become available each year).

Step 2: Search for Resale Listings and Engage with a Licensed Resale Broker

Duration: The search process can take a few weeks to several months, depending on the availability of contracts that meet your criteria.

  • Browse reputable DVC resale websites and listings to find contracts that match your preferences.

  • Engage with a licensed resale broker who specializes in DVC contracts. They will guide you through the process, answer your questions, and assist with negotiations.

Step 3: Offer, Negotiation, and Contract Acceptance

Duration: Once you find a suitable contract, the offer and negotiation process typically takes a few days to a couple of weeks.

  • Submit an offer through your resale broker.

  • Negotiate the terms and price with the seller.

  • Once an agreement is reached, sign the contract and provide the necessary documentation.

Step 4: Right of First Refusal (ROFR)

Duration: Disney has the right to exercise their ROFR within 30 days of receiving the contract.

  • Disney reviews the contract and has the option to purchase it at the agreed-upon price.

  • If Disney chooses not to exercise their ROFR, the contract moves forward to closing.

Step 5: Closing and Transfer of Ownership

Duration: Closing typically takes around 30-45 days from the acceptance of the contract.

  • The closing process involves legal documentation, title transfer, and payment arrangements.

  • Work with a reputable title company to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.

Step 6: Membership Activation and Booking Your Dream Vacation

Duration: Once the ownership transfer is complete (2-3 weeks), you can activate your DVC membership and start using your points for bookings.

  • Activate your membership by contacting DVC Member Services.

  • You can now use your acquired points to book your dream Disney vacation.

Overall, the timeline for purchasing a DVC resale contract can range from a few months to several months, depending on various factors such as your research, availability of suitable contracts, negotiations, and the closing process.

Embrace the magic of Disney Vacation Club, and embark on a lifetime of enchanting vacations at your favorite Disney resorts and theme parks. Happy hunting and may your DVC ownership journey be filled with unforgettable memories!

Main photo credit: Disney

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