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How Much Does it Cost to Buy A DVC Contract at the Villas at Disneyland Hotel?

Starting on May 2, 2023 current Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members will be able to add-on points at the new Villas at Disneyland Hotel. Then, on May 30 sales for the new Disneyland based DVC property will be available to the public. If you're thinking about investing in a contract at the Villas at Disneyland hotel you're probably wondering about how much it's going to cost.

Well, it's going to set you back at least twelve grand, or potentially up to seventy or eighty thousand, or even more, depending on how many points you'd like at the new DVC property.

The Starting Price for the Villas at Disneyland Hotel

Initially points purchased directly from Disney Vacation Club will cost $230 per point, plus closing fees and upfront annual dues. Yes, that's more per point than any other currently listed for sale direct property, and I haven't even mentioned the nightly transient tax.

If you're a DVC member the minimum add-on is 50 points, and new members will need to buy at least 100 points. So if you're a current member you're looking at about $12,000 all-in for 50 points, or $24,000-$25,000 for 100 points as a new member, or gosh... the sky really is the limit here. If you're wanting to book at least a 2-bedroom villa and spend several weeks per year at Disneyland, your family might want three or four hundred points, which could easily set you back eighty or a hundred grand.

DVC Points Are an Investment in Future Travels

Looking at those prices making your mouth drop? Totally understandable. Becoming a Disney Vacation Club owner, or adding on points, is an expensive investment. But remember that - it's an investment. Literally, you're purchasing a small percentage of a Disney property when you buy DVC points.

But more so, you're making an investment in future Disney travels. Yes, you're forking over a lot of cash upfront to Mickey Mouse to get those points, but you'll be able to use them for up to fifty years of future travels!

Main photo credit: Disney Parks Blog

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